Coach On Demand Features

The Coach On Demand program is a more cost-effective and community-driven coaching model. This program allows you to get coaching from Chris Oakley and feedback from other like-minded business owners. You will get more answers and more advice for a fraction of the cost of having a one-on-one business coach! 

2 Group Video Coaching Calls per Week

Coach on Demand provides open coaching sessions hosted by Chris Oakley twice every week. During these sessions Chris will peel back the issues to their cores and then build them back up to solutions that align with your goals. Aside from having your own questions answered, you have the opportunity to learn more from other people's questions than even your own. You'll see into the concern of other business owners and be able to apply that to your business, addressing concerns not even on your radar.

Direct Access to Chris

If you are looking for a more private venue to ask a question, you will also be able to submit questions directly to Chris and schedule a time on his calendar to discuss them privately.

Private Community

The Coach On Demand program also includes a private community where you can grow and learn with other like-minded professionals. Share your wins, talk through your biggest issues, and gather best practices from your peers.